Preserving the Future,

Managing Sustainably

Specialized company in the incineration of


Preserving the Future,

Managing Sustainably

Specialized company in the incineration of

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UTD Suzano is a pioneering company that invests heavily in cutting-edge technology for waste management in an ecologically correct way, following the highest quality and sustainability standards. With an unwavering commitment to protecting the environment, UTD Suzano adopts innovative practices that aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and minimize environmental impact. Through sustainable solutions and safe, the company plays a fundamental role in preserving natural resources, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable future for present and future generations. 

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UTD Suzano, one of the main waste treatment and disposal companies in Brazil, is proud to present itself as the most efficient and eco-friendly option in the sector. With a successful history spanning 34 years, we have consolidated our position as leaders, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to meet growing waste management needs.

We particularly stand out in the management of Healthcare Waste (RSS), ensuring safety and compliance with current regulations. Through rigorous processes and operational standards, we ensure that the collection, transportation and final disposal of waste are carried out efficiently and safely, protecting public health and preserving the environment.

Furthermore, we keep our facilities open for external visits and audits, aiming for transparency and accountability to interested parties.

Our commitment to excellence leads us to constantly seek continuous improvement of our processes. We invest in research and development, collaborating with industry experts to incorporate best practices and cutting-edge technologies into our operations. 

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