Complete Guide to CADRI Issuance: Step-by-Step and Essential Tips

What is CADRI?

CADRI, or Certificate of Waste Movement of Interest, is an essential document issued by CETESB/SP, the State Environmental Agency. Companies involved in the waste movement must ensure compliance with current environmental legislation. CADRI is crucial to ensure that waste handling and transportation are conducted safely and legally, preventing environmental damage and ensuring the sustainability of industrial operations.

Avoid Issues!

The lack of a valid CADRI can lead to serious problems for your company. Without this certificate, waste movement is prohibited, potentially halting productive activities and causing waste accumulation. Operating without CADRI can also result in heavy fines, legal proceedings, and harm to your company’s reputation. Inadequate waste management can pose significant environmental risks, affecting your business and the surrounding community.

Long-term consequences include potential damage to partnerships and contracts. Many clients and business partners require assurances of environmental compliance, and the absence of CADRI can be decisive in losing business opportunities. Moreover, non-compliance with environmental regulations can trigger rigorous inspections and enforcement actions by ecological agencies, leading to further disruptions and possibly legal penalties.

Therefore, ensuring the issuance and validity of CADRI is a matter of legal compliance, operational efficiency, and business sustainability. With CADRI, your company can operate confidently, knowing it meets all legal and environmental requirements, avoiding issues and ensuring business continuity.

What is “Waste of Interest”?

Wastes of interest encompass a wide range of materials requiring special handling due to their hazardous nature and environmental impact. These include hazardous industrial wastes (Class I, according to ABNT Standard NBR 10004), which comprise toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive substances. Additionally, CETESB lists other specific wastes requiring CADRI for movement, such as healthcare, electronic, chemical, and construction wastes. The applicable legislation is stringent, aiming to ensure all wastes are treated safely and environmentally responsibly. For more details, consult the complete waste list on the CETESB website here.

How Can UTD Suzano Help?

UTD Suzano offers comprehensive consulting services for CADRI issuance. We assist with accurate waste identification to document filing. Our specialized team evaluates all wastes generated by your company, ensuring each is categorized according to current standards. We handle all bureaucratic processes, from document preparation to liaison with environmental agencies for CADRI acquisition.

Our consultancy extends beyond certificate issuance. We guide best waste management practices, helping your company implement procedures that not only meet legal requirements but also promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. With UTD Suzano, you can rest assured knowing you comply with the law and contribute to a healthier environment.

Contact us to expedite your waste movement regularization quickly and efficiently. Our team is available to address all your queries and initiate the CADRI issuance process, ensuring your company continues to operate sustainably and in compliance with environmental laws. Trust UTD Suzano as your strategic partner in waste management.